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Honey Hollow Labradors Puppy Information

Our puppies are placed solely at the discretion of Honey Hollow Labradors.

Our Labrador retriever puppies are sold on AKC Limited Registration. This means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for AKC registration. Breeding is an art that should be left solely to purebred responsible breeders. If you are interested in a show prospect, please contact me and we will talk.

What is a responsible breeder?

The responsible breeder's main desire is to better the breed. They breed for the love of the dogs and because they want to see the breed flourish in the future. That means they only breed those dogs that have traits of value to the breed to pass on to progeny. Each generation should be at least as good as the previous, and ideally it should be better. The responsible breeder carefully screens all breeding stock for health problems and has proof of health clearances. The responsible breeder is usually involved heavily in the sport of purebred dogs, whether in clubs, conformation, obedience, field trials, etc. The responsible breeder does not breed only pet Labrador’s, the goal of the ethical breeder is to produce the best dog possible. The responsible breeder screens prospective buyers very carefully. They ask a lot of questions to be sure that their puppies only end up in the best of homes. The responsible breeder guarantees the health of each puppy sold. The ethical breeder is knowledgeable about their breed and will answer questions and concerns regarding the dogs willingly and openly.

Our Labradors are eligible to compete for titles in Obedience, Agility, Hunt Test and Field Trials. In addition, they can be judged and receive a Canine Good Citizenship certificate. Labrador retrievers can make wonderful Therapy Dogs or Search and Rescue Dogs if properly trained and qualified.

Our Labrador puppies are raised in our home and receive the very best care and attention. As they start to be weaned from their mother, they spend time outside supervised or in a large pen to run & play during the day and in a large pen inside where they can see and hear everything going on around them. This offers our Labrador puppies optimum opportunities for socialization which is a necessity for puppies at this stage of their life. Finally, our puppies are ready for their new homes and loving families at 8 weeks of age.

Health Clearances

Honey Hollow Labradors provides the required health clearances required and set forth by the Labrador Retriever Club of America. Here you can find health clearances that you should be provided for both the sire and the dam of the litter along with a TON of information on this remarkable breed.

Visit the official club website

The cost of a well bred Labrador Retriever?

Honey Hollow Labs is a hobby breeder. We have real jobs and are very active in the AKC conformation ring and participating in Labrador shows and events around the country. Two litters are planned for 2020. These puppies will be priced at $2,500. Please send me an email, if you would like more information.